Terms and Conditions

Road to Safr Dos and Don'ts

Starting on January 25th, through March 1st, Safr will be running our #RoadtoSafr campaign as part of our launch. We’ll have drawings, and tiered rewards based on number of referrals.  

In order to qualify for rewards you must be female or female identifying and a resident of Massachusetts, over 18, install the Ride Safr app, and register in app.  In order to qualify as your referral they must be female or female identifying, over 18, a resident of Massachusetts, install the Ride Safr app and register using your promotion code.

In addition, a single grand prize will be awarded to the woman with the most referrals in Boston by March 1st.

Rules on Referrals:

How you can sign people up:

Share your referral link & code with your friends and family. You can email them, text them, or share on social media.  All they have to do is download the app and register using your referral code.

What can't I do?

1) Sign up fake email addresses, phone numbers, men, people outside Massachusetts, space aliens.  If they’re not eligible they don’t count (For the purposes of this campaign, we’re sure they’re awesome otherwise).

2) Sign up people without their consent.

3) Purchase contact information and refer them to Safr.

Why not?

1) We need to build Safr city by city.  We’re coming for you, rest of America, but we need to do right by the people who have invested their time and energy here first.

2) Angry people.  Referring them without their consent tends to make them unhappy.

What happens if I do it anyway?

1) You won’t win anything!

2)  We’ll have to kick you off the app and the larger community.

Grand Prize Details:

Ride Free for Life is limited to a max of $30 worth of rides a day, for a maximum of twenty years.

Official Campaign Dates: 1/25/2017 to 3/1/2017